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River Cruises

In case you missed it,  Disney (Specifically Adventures By Disney)  is offering River Cruises in a partnership with Amawaterways.  Typically a vacation geared towards couples, Disney is “testing the waters” and marketing this newer type of cruising to families.
Disney has partnered with Amawaterways,  which is building a new River boat with family needs factored into the design.  While not specifically built for Disney, this new boat will be able to accomodate families of 4 or 5, when the typical river cruise stateroom is designed for 2 or couples. There are also amenities geared towards children not normally found on a river cruise boat.
River Cruises are different from ocean Cruises, in that the boats travel through…. Well… Rivers. These boats are not designed for ocean voyages, but calmer inland waterways. They are significantly smaller in size than their ocean dwelling brethren, which can carry thousands of passengers. The typical River Boat carries only 75 to 240 passengers.